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A Trail Runners Yoga Routine

You may not find a bigger supported of trail running in Payson, Arizona than Rim Runners. We live, breath, eat, and dream about hitting the trails along the Mogollon Rim and even to the south towards Roosevelt Lake.

That being said, there also could not be a bigger proponent for taking care of your body than us! Hitting those trails, pushing your body, and running miles means you must take the precautions that your body needs so you can get up and do it again!

We have shared one the greatest yoga routines for daily runners by our good friend Christine Felstead at @yogaforrunners!

This is a must after a long trail run that we hoped you went on with our Rim Runners crew this week! If you didn't here is where you can find information for next weeks run!

Stay limb and stay healthy!

If you are looking for new running apparel to help with your trail running journey visit us at

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