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Don't Wing It!

When venturing out on a new trail, do your research.  Check weather forecasts,  maps, mileage, water locations, etc.  Always, let someone (your backup) know the details of your outing including starting time and ETA finishing time. 


Be prepared...water, food, maps, emergency supplies, flashlight, etc.  Stay within your ability, GOOGLE is a great tool to find out details of certain routes.   You can also visit Gila County's new website for a lot of great information on area trails.  Go to


Here are some key things you should DO and NOT DO when Running in Rim Country.


  1. DO have fun and be sure to stop by RIM RUNNERS, (Payson's only specialized running store)  before your outing, we can provide supplies, maps and advice on how to have a safe and fun time.

  2. DO NOT ever underestimate the weather in Rim Country.  The morning may start out sunny and clear and within hours you can find yourself caught in a monsoon.  Weather can change drastically, especially on top of the prepared for anything!  Don’t get caught on the Rim in a summer monsoon without the proper supplies and equipment. Temperatures can drop rapidly turning a fun hike/run into a survival story. 

  3. Unless you are able to contact your backup, DO NOT change your route.  Do not attempt a trail beyond your ability. 

  4. DO NOT forget to stop by RIM RUNNERS before and after your outing.  We want to hear all about it.  This is a very important step especially after your adventure because you can be our eyes and ears.  If there are things that need to be done we can help relay the information to the appropriate organizations to make the trails safe and enjoyable.

  5. Following a simple “DO” list and being prepared will ensure a safe and very memorable outing. There is nothing like the beauty of the Rim trails especially on “Top” of the rim.

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