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Rim Country has hundreds of miles of trails within about a 50-mile radius of Payson. Arizona.  You can choose from longer trails on top of the Mogollon Rim which is part of the Coconino National Forest or there are many trails under the Rim that are part of the Tonto National Forest.  They all differ in degree of difficulty.  It is important to understand the trail you are thinking of running beforehand to make sure of its topography and required skill level.


Payson also has the Payson Arizona Trails System that is conveniently located on the periphery of the Town.  These trails allow you to get out and enjoy a shorter run or walk without getting too far from the city center.


It is important to remember that these areas can be quite remote so we suggest that you take lots of water with you especially in the hot season from May - October.  We also suggest that you have a good pair of shoes and a thick pair of socks that will prevent blisters.  


To get a map of the area you can visit our store at the address on the bottom of this page and we will even help you with where the best local trails are and how to easily get to them.


On this page, you will see two buttons.  The top one links you to Gila County's in-depth trails page which outlines all of the available trails in the area.


On the bottom is a button to the Payson Area Trails System Payson.  Here you can get information about each of these beautiful trails.




Gila County

Area Trails

Find hundreds of miles of rugged trails in Gila County, Arizona.


Payson Area

Trails System

Discover the Payson Area Trails System.  Perfect for kids and Families.

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