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The Future of the Arizona Trail

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, and looking ahead to the next 25 years of protecting and maintaining the Arizona Trail, we recognize that engaging youth and inspiring them to become the next generation of stewards of the AZT is vitally important. Over the past seven years we have introduced over 7,200 young people to the Arizona Trail through meaningful experiences outdoors. These outings in 12 different communities have been funded by grants and donations, and all of our programs are offered free of charge in the interest of engaging diverse, underserved youth.

This spring we are asking you to support our youth programs. A donation toward the Seeds of Stewardship and Gear Girls programs is an investment in the future of the Arizona Trail. In lieu of our High Five campaign, we are asking you to donate $25 to support these important youth outreach programs.

Please visit our campaign page here to make your $25 contribution to these programs today.

Despite recent funding difficulties, we believe that our service to the youth of Arizona should not be compromised. It is the outdoor experiences these young people have during their formative years that will inspire them to become the future stewards of our trail and public lands. And it’s those experiences we want to focus on funding this spring in order to sustain the future of the Arizona Trail.

For this campaign we have partnered with the A Community Thrives. Our goal is to raise $6,000 for these youth programs before April 12th. Once we reach this goal, we have the chance to win an additional bonus grant of up to $100,000! This would sustain our youth programs for almost two years.

Please help us reach that goal by donating here today!

The Arizona Trail was born out of a love for nature instilled in Dale Shewalter during his youth, and that is part of his legacy that we carry on with Seeds of Stewardship and Gear Girls. The youth we serve through these programs will go on to share Dale’s passion and capacity to dream big, and sustain the Arizona Trail as the next generation of trail stewards, members and supporters.

Making a contribution will take just a few minutes and will mean so much to us, and even more to each young person we work with. It’s as easy as visiting this website to learn more and clicking the DONATE button.

Also, please be sure to utilize the share options after you donate to tell your network about the Arizona Trail Association Youth Programs and why our mission means so much to you, and how these programs will sustain the AZT for years to come. Social media shares get us an average of $15 more in additional revenue so please share after you donate.

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