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On the 12th Day of Christmas Rim Runners brought you...

On the 12th day of Christmas check out the goodr sunglasses at Rim Runners…..great stocking stuffer – we got you and your face covered!

Looking for true AWARD WINNING running sunglasses!?

Goodr glasses have - No Slip & No Bounce. These polarized sunglasses some may say are the best running sunglasses that have ever been created. Protect your eyes and run in style this Christmas season.

Goodr glasses offer lens styles for blue blocking, reflective, non-reflective, and gradient sunglasses.

They also offer great design styles in shapes in OG, Circle G, BFG, Mach G, Runway, and VRG.

Not to mention these sunglasses are surprisingly affordable with price ranges between $25 - $35.

They also come in a number of various colors and sizes perfect to meet your style.

Stop by our showroom at 807 S Beeline Hwy space a in Payson, Arizona to try on a pair yourself!

We are open Monday - Saturday 10AM to 5PM!

We look forward to seeing you in your new goodr sunglasses!

Watch this review for why runners are choosing these GOODR sunglasses for their choice of running sunglasses.

You can get yours today by visiting us here at Rim Runners! Get directions here!

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