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A Letter to All Runners from the Arizona Trail

Hopefully this message finds you staying healthy and looking forward to outdoor adventures this summer. With over 120 miles of the Arizona Trail currently closed due to three major wildfires it’s becoming more difficult to find places for a great escape. Although we canceled or rescheduled three of our endurance events in 2020, we have teamed up with the Tucson Marathon to offer runners like you an opportunity to take on a big mileage challenge this year – the Arizona Trail Virtual Adventure!

The Arizona Trail Virtual Adventure is a do-it-yourself event that encourages you to hike, run or ride anywhere, and accumulate miles toward completing all or a portion of the 800-mile Arizona Trail. There are great rewards for various miles completed, and all proceeds benefit the Arizona Trail Association to help supplement revenue we’ve lost through cancellation of our trail running events, Arizona Trail Day, and other community events that are an important source of financial support for all ATA programs and operations.

Choose from the 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 600 or 800-mile challenge. You can walk around your neighborhood, ride trails close to home, run on a treadmill, or any form of non-motorized locomotion anywhere. If you complete an average of 4.5 miles per day between now and the end of the year, you’ll reach the 800-mile finish line.

Every mile achievement has Arizona Trail swag, including a hat, bandana, Buff, coaster, coupons, socks, custom 3D wooden map of Arizona, and much more. Learn more about the event by visiting the Arizona Trail Virtual Adventure website here.

Until we can safely gather together again to run and ride on the AZT we want to motivate you to stay healthy. We look forward to hearing your personal stories of adventure through social media which may help inspire others to get outdoors.

Thank you for your support of the Arizona Trail Association.


Matthew J. Nelson

Executive Director Arizona Trail Association

738 N. 5th Avenue #201 / Tucson, AZ 85705 / (602) 252-4794 / /

To protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail as a unique encounter with the land.

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